Jonas Lodge restauranteur

Sat at the table in my own restaurant writing my blog… didnt see that coming when I wrote the first one sat in the staff canteen of Tesco’s!

It hasn’t really sunk In and I’m not sure it will until opening night. My stress levels have definitely been increased, and not really for the reasons I was expecting. I thought I would be very worried about having a restaurant and the customers coming in and hoping they all liked it and stressed about reviews.

Actually I’m stressed about what I should be doing first and who I should speak to next, and how do I decide what wine to order. It feels like a never ending list actually, just to get to the opening. Ken Heathcote once told me to eat an elephant you must eat a little bit at a time. Now more than ever is this helping me day to day. That and my wife!

Currently I need to design menus (mainly the wine list), pick wines for the list, make a cocktail menu. Find suppliers for everything, order a coffee machine and employ an assistant manger, oh and employ some chefs!

That’s my plan for this week by the way not the whole thing up until opening. Alongside these things the place has needed a big deep clean because it’s been shut for so long, I want to paint it all so it feels like mine. I need to find some new furniture and order some more kitchen equipment.

Ppppprrrffff even writing it is stressful!

It’s been nice to sit today for an hour and write some menus. Before today the food aspect and actually cooking stuff seems miles away. I’ve found a supplier who will let me pick a cow and take the whole beast which i’m very excited about so it means some beef dishs for sure!! I cant wait to start cooking I really can’t. You can see my first menu written up in the pic and yes I have spelt Swede suede! If you have read my blogs then you will be aware that spelling and grammar are not great at but I would lobe to here your feed back about it apart from the spelling! This will be the evening menu and for lunch I really want to address wtaste in kitchens. I will be using every part of everything to make both menus. I want “waste not want not” to become my kitchens strapline. The challenge for us is to really look at anything and any part of the meat and veg we think we can’t use for the evening and then create something amazing out of it for lunch. Things like excess beef fat from roasting veal bones each week for stock, or using the core of a white cabbage to garnish a beautiful starter after making malted cabbage ice cream fo the evening menu. It’s going to be fun, exciting and fucking scary!

My own business card
Business card

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