My own place…..Restaurant GL50

Today I’m sat on the sofa, my 10 month old son decided to get up at 5 am today which certainly wasn’t my preference but after some milk has now been sound asleep for 40 mins and I feel like writing.

Having a baby is one of the main reasons I want to open my own restaurant, so I can actually see him. I know that sounds mad but as a head chef your at the beckoned call of your employer and if there are no chefs that turn up for work your in, if the owner wants to open on Christmas day, your in, if the owner wants to save money on staff you work more hours and maybe even get to do the washing up cuz the kitchen porters been given less hours!

I’ve missed so many weddings, funerals, parties and weekends away with my friends and family I’ve lost count, and actually it doesn’t feel worth it because I don’t work for any of those places that I gave my time and my memories away for anymore. If I had given it all away to push my business forward then I think it wouldn’t of felt like a waste.

I hope that my own business will mean I have the control over at least a few of those aspects of chef life. I’m going to be closed on Christmas day so I know from now on I will get to see my family on Christmas, I’m planning to be closed for two days a week, so I cant be called into work on my days off!

I’m not a fool though, and I don’t expect an easy ride and not to be working on my days off in another capacity (like very boring paperwork!) but that’s going to be in my control and for MY business.  Hard work for the next few years for my own place might mean that when my son starts playing football on Saturday afternoons I might have a head chef by then and I might be able to go and watch.  I didn’t ever think that would be an option as someones head chef… If I manage to open a successful restaurant that doesn’t fold in a year or two then it could be argued that all the things I’ve missed over the years for the last 17 years….I guess I will say it was worth it!


The restaurant update is mostly just lots of stress and lots of big and small decisions and thoughts which constantly go through my head, from what size should the sign on the wall be, what plants should be at the front of the restaurant, maybe there shouldn’t be any plants, what will we lay the tables up with, will flowers on the tables look rubbish or do I just need to find the right flowers? what pictures should go on the walls, what sort of music am I going to play and will I have different music in the day than the night?!

Oh yeah and when will I get the keys?!?!

Turns out that buying a lease takes a ridiculous amount of time, I was expecting keys 3 weeks ago and then another bit of paperwork shows up that needs another weeks worth of discussions between solicitors and then another weeks just gone by and I wait some more. Very frustrating but its giving me time to get as much of the other things sorted out as I can without being inside the building.

I’m sure my next post will be from inside my place, Restaurant GL50 coming soon!

3 thoughts on “My own place…..Restaurant GL50

  1. Such an exciting time in your life. Achieving a goal that you have worked towards ever since you were cooking beside Mom in the kitchen. And young enough to really revel in it. I envy you!

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  2. We loved the white spoon went to there last service I wrote the last review on trip advisor called it the last supper I can’t wait to try your food we have so many happy memories in that building birthdays wedding anniversary it will be so good to see it open again I’m sure it will be a huge success


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