The Tenerife Empire

First day. Chef was offended. Very impressive to see 280 covers in a night. Food was good. Noted a few things to work on after a productive meeting with the boss.

Day two. Sat down with chef and got him on my level and talked through some changes .Very receptive today and had a good service with a couple of new things implemented straight away. More things tomoz. Went for lunch at Restaurant 88. Japanese. Amazing view good food. Had shashimi to start.butterfish which I haven’t had before then sea bass and duck for mains.

Day three. Changed the pork dish, chicken fritter dish and pork terrine. Head chef was great to work with and I was very happy with food. I sweated like I was gonna die. Tonite I finally feel less ill and can breath out my nose!

Went for lunch in a new restaurant in the group called legatto. Very good looking restaurant and a very nice new kitchen! Food missed the mark a bit. Truffle mash was faintly truffley with a tiny gesture grated on top. Pork cheeks which I love weren’t shown quite enough respect and were slightly chewy. Burger was just a burger. Blackpudding and egg on toast was huge! Under seasoned. Toxgxui beef carpaccio was too salty.

Day four

Later start after the meeting we had planned didn’t happen so a short ish service. Only 200 covers! Food looked great , changed the dish cake from two cakes to one larger one. Looked a lot better.

We ate at id which is by far the most forward thinking food I’ve seen on the island. Very small place that you wouldn’t even see unless it was pointed out to you white decor and an open plan kitchen. We ate an amuse or cherry tomato and onion which came with fresh made bread and banana aiolli which was tasty. A clever way of giving you pan con tomate which most Spanish start their meal.

Nxt was croquetas. One of a local goats cheese and one of cod. Both beautifully smooth.

Then we had a milfiulle of foie, goats cheese and a fruit that I don’t know! Maybe guava. It was delicious.

Then we had mini bao buns with pigs cheek and pickled mushrooms. Very nice take one Chinese food. A little bit sweet for me but they were still really satisfying.

Nxt up was volcano tempura veg which were veg in a squid ink tempura which I really liked the idea of and will be using in the future for sure.

Last we had a cod and potato dish with squid ink pilpil and Scot ate a smoked rib of been which had a smoke filled closh for theatre. It was a great meal. Sadly we couldn’t fit in a pudding.

Day 5

Lunch at dedos which is ventures take on a fast food joint but with waiters and we had a very good chicken burger, chilli fries and chicken nuggets.

A chocolate cookie with ice cream for a fairly un fulfilling dessert.

Work was good, just before service I sat down with the owner and head chef and general manager and had a run through of the week. He invited me to stay past Sunday and carry on which was flattering but I said I must return to my pregnant wife! But I will return to help them in the near future for sure.

Over all I’ve had a really good week using my knowledge to help a big and busy steak house improve their offering and teach the chef a few new things which he seems to have really grasped.

I hope I’ve inspired him a little because it is hard when your a head chef in the same place for a long time to be “re-ignited” if you will.

Tried the new chicken fritters and they are very nice and I made a new burger relish instead of a fairly poor watery tomato kinda ketchup they did serve (this has been moved to the inside of the burger) and the burger now is looking really good!

So that’s my week and now as I write this sat at the back of the restaurant watching the waiters and waitresses serving the last courses to the last tables I feel like it’s time for a beer and my Saturday in the sun with no more work!!

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