Humans are clever…

As exciting as me trying to find somewhere to let out my creativity is… I wanna write about some random shit that goes through my head and that my wife always tells me I should write!

I’m basically amazed at how the human race has discovered food, cooking and preserving and what’s edible and what isn’t all across the globe.

Let me try to explain what I mean, so in Greece for example they make Feta cheese and after you make Feta cheese you can then make Halloumi from the whey. Both of these cheeses are synonymous with Greece and at some point someone had to work out how to make these things from milk…. can you imagine what a great day that was ?! I’m amazed that one cheese can be make from milk and then either the same

. clever person or someone else worked out you can make another cheese from the left over stuff!! Incredible.

We were traveling through Romania last year and there was a small market with a cheese stand and my wife got me to try Telemea and I said “oh, this is like Feta!” At which point my wife very angrily told me its not Feta it’s a Romanian cheese!! Then the next cheese she gave me was exactly like Halloumi! The thing that makes us humans awesome is that these two countries didn’t tell each other how they did it, and it’s not a Greek cheese really it’s just cheese. No one checked on the internet or watched a YouTube video. Yet they managed to invent the same things miles away from each other from the things they had available. This is just one example but when you start to look you see more and more.

The art of curing was discovered by many countries and can be seen all around the world some more than others and I find this amazing as well that they worked it all out by trial and error. Dry countries with low humidity are the best for hams and salami because they keep well, hung from the ceiling unlike in England where we have a lots of moisture so we just didn’t go down that route.We pickle things, Scandinavia and Hungary mainly ferment. Why don’t the British ferment? I assume because it’s cold here, in Hungary you can leave cucumber in a brine outside for a day in the sun and it’s fermented! In England it takes a week in an airing cupboard and I’m pretty sure back in the day they didn’t have airing cupboards! However we do ferment here, we make alcohol and from that someone discovered vinegar and then someone worked out if you cover stuff in vinegar it’s won’t go off! When you don’t have a fridge this is some very useful information! In Spain most of the traditional recipes are made with onions, garlic and dried peppers or chillis and salted cod…. Why? Because you don’t need a fridge!

The fact that to make salami (these days) you need to carefully monitor the ph levels to make sure they are safe to eat but I’m pretty sure in the mountains of Romania they didn’t have ph monitors or special humidifiers to make sure they stay just right. They just worked it out! I have tried my fair share or curing and pickling and fermenting and bread making but the way I do it is by reading a book or watching someone’s insta or a bread making YouTube video! I still can’t do it very well!! Imagine life without these things, just the need to provide for your family and a leg of pork you can’t eat before it will go off… That’s when these techniques were discover or found , necessity that’s the answer to it all really. Too many vegetables ready at the same time to eat but not being able to afford to loose them, killing a whole cow but not being able to eat it all!

Don’t get me started on how we know now what plants are edible and which ones are poisonous! Must of been a lot of death and diarrhoea I think!

Humans are incredible when it comes to food… I think.

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