job job job job….

The last post I wrote about opening my own pub by way of leasing from a brewery sparked a few interesting conversations…I couple of friends who run pubs gave  me some advice which was quite mixed, and a gentleman who has a few pubs who read my blog got in touch too.  Its interesting because I think I’m a very logical and realistic person and even though I had thought about most aspects of being a republican I think I still had rose tinted glasses on. I would like to think that when your the person in charge you can for example shut on a Monday and Tuesday, maybe close on a Sunday night and take a holiday when it suits you and your family.

However stupid it may sound I didn’t consider that that’s only ever gonna happen if I have enough staff, if I am making enough, if I can pay the rent in the month.. and when and if I’m on holiday then how many phone calls will i get and what happens when my general manager doesn’t turn up to work while i’m throwing shapes on the dance floor in Pacha?!!  So all of this was pointed out to me.

At the same time as I was viewing this pub another pub with rooms was having a refurb in the area and I was contacted to become the head chef when it opens. Now the job sounds like my dream job to be honest, beautifully refurbished pub in a small Wiltshire village thats will have 5 exquisite rooms and wants to serve locally sourced home made fresh food.

The conversations with friends who own or have owned their own businesses was unanimously  take the job if you can! haha I couldn’t believe it but as they pointed out you get holiday, have less stress, get a pay check each month no matter what and (in this case) still make a name and build a reputation from nothing.  My decision was made, I will try my best to get this job!

So far I have had 3 interviews (yes three!) to get this job. The kitchen isn’t finished so the normal head chef selection process of cooking for the position isn’t possible. My interviews went very well and as I write this I’m waiting to hear back to find out if I’m the guy or not!?!

In the mean time I’ve been helping out at the Red lion freehouse and helping with consultancy and some shifts at a new opening in Marlborough. The consultancy has been great fun, helping someone else out with ideas is quite interesting and to create a menu that I wont be cooking is also a challenge. To try and suggest things that make the owners happy but that i think is possible, and logistically good for the place really make you think. Normally my kitchen is my problem so if I put a dish on the menu that’s a ball ache then I’m the one who have to deal with it but that wouldn’t be fair to put on a menu for someone else with a different set of skills.

The kitchen is small so that’s a big consideration but I felt that small sharing plates of British food would be a good fit for both the area and the restaurant. Sharing plates is great if you have limited space because you can send the food when its ready and not all at once. It also means you can work with less staff which was important to the owner. I’m really excited to see how it blossoms so watch this space and I’ll keep you posted on how its getting on when it opens.

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